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Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools To Boost Traffic

Generating leads one after another is a must to sustain in online business. Let us have a glance over some of the main conversion rate optimization tools that help you to boost your site’s traffic easily and increase leads.

Have a look at some of the Questions and Answers given below.conversion rate optimization

This screenshot shows the general happenings that take place in online business. Just one “No” (when it comes to convert your site’s traffic into leads) is sufficient to kick you out from online business even before you could have imagined.

As a matter of fact, successful web marketing is all about generating quality leads one after another, but leads don’t come easy. Many times, your website is flooded with a havoc of traffic even beyond your exceptions, but you struggle to generate leads. Well, don’t get worried at all as you are not the only one who face this problem. Almost all people who are in the online business scream about the difficulty in lead generation. You can’t sustain long in online business if you don’t generate leads.

So, what to do to convert your site’s traffic into leads? Fortunately, there are several conversion rate optimization tools that could help you to boost conversions up to a great extent.

List Of Conversion Rate Optimization Tools:

1. Google Analytics


Charges: Free

Google Analytics is a free tool (provided by Google), which could prove to be a priceless tool to grow your online business. When you use this tool, it helps you to get a detailed knowledge about your websites and customers.

With this conversion rate optimization tool you can evaluate the performance of your site and find out areas (on your site/app) where you need to work more to increase the conversion rate and revenue rapidly.

2. A/B Significance Test

Source: Get Data Driven

Charges: Free

A/B Significance Test is one of the main tool, which is utilized for conversion rate optimization. With the help of this tool, you can easily inspect the statistical importance of the test and find out whether the data is providing your some reliable info or not.

Using this conversion rate optimization tool, you can test, analyze and compare two different tests (For Example- Test A & B). It helps you to know which test offers the better conversation opportunities. This conversion rate optimization tool helps you to minimize the possibilities of mistakes in A/B testing and insert your results directly on the tool’s web page.

3. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Source: Portent

Charges: Free

When you create a content for your website, generating a suitable title or idea for your content is just like a headache. Many times, a good content fails to perform simply because of unimpressive title. To solve your problem, you can use Portent’s Content Idea Generator.

It’s a beneficial tool, which helps you to generate fresh and clickable titles for your contents. When you enter a keyword or keyword phrase, this tool suggests you a title. If you are not satisfied with the first suggested title, just keep hitting the refresh button until you get a title you like. This conversion rate optimization tool also gives you some writing tips which you can use to generate quality titles & contents.

4. Survey Monkey

Source: SurveyMonkey

Expenditure: Free Basic Version and $25/m for Premium

As a website owner, you need to collect customer’s feedback to understand what could help you to turn your site’s traffic into leads. Survey Monkey is one of the most famous online survey tool to conduct all types of online surveys and obtain genuine results by reaching out to a large number of respondents in a short duration of time.

This conversion rate optimization tool helps you to collect a comprehensive data in a short span of time. You can use them to analyze your business strategies and make changes accordingly to increase the conversation rate.

5. Hellobar

Source: Hellobar

Charges: Free

When you operate a business website, you always want to keep your content fresh and up-to-date and bring your user’s attention towards your contents (with an intention to gather leads in bulk). But, this is not an easy work to do as users have several options too.

But, when you use Hellobar, it becomes easier for you to capture your user’s attention. As a matter of fact, Hellobar is an optimization & a lead capturing tool, which enables you to add a form (a visible bar ) to your website.

It pops up when users go through your website and draws their attention. You can use this conversion rate optimization tool on a page, several pages or at all places on your site. Using this tool, you can propel your important sales messages to your customers and can increase the chances of sales and leads up to a great extent.

6. Cross Browser Testing


Charges: $29/month

The availability of a number of operating systems and browsers cause a headache to website operators as they face compatibility issues quite often. In order to fetch success in online business and generate leads, it is important for you to make sure that your website is performing efficiently on all major web browsers.

With the help of Cross Browser Testing tool, you can easily compare and test the functionality of your website across all browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. This conversion rate optimization tool enables you to check your website from 2 sides – client side & server side

The ideal way of checking (your site’s Cross Browser Compatibility) is to run it on several computers that have different operating systems and web browsers. This helps you to fix the cross Browser compatibility issue of your site easily and allow your visitors to land on your site easily regardless of what browsers, OS and devices they are using. It rewards you with an avalanche of traffic to your website and generates possibilities for lead generation in bulk.

7. Realtime Board


Expenditure: Free

Realtime Board is a boon for all those people who work in teams (such as Web designers, strategists, SEO professionals, managers, content writers, website security experts, etc.) to complete creative projects.

As a matter of fact, it is an online whiteboard application (a kind of versatile visual collaboration tool), whereon you can easily develop a whiteboard, allowing you and your co-workers to develop unique ideas (a must for the successful accomplishments of the projects you take up).

On the whitebaord, you can upload text files, images, PDF documents and can get the output in the desired format. This conversion rate optimization tool helps you to coordinate with your colleagues remotely and accomplish business projects easily and smoothly to excel in online business.

8. SumoMe

Source: SumoMe

Charges: Free for Basic Version & $29- $119 per month for Premium

If you get traffic through different sources (apart from different search engines), it can help you to make a lot of leads & be a leader in online business. However, improving your site’s traffic is not an easy work. You have to compete against several similar websites fiercely and satisfy the standards of Google & other search engines.

You may use SumoMe (a WordPress plugin) to increase your site’s traffic up to a great extent. In fact, it is a set of cross-platform compatible tools (such as a Smart Bar, Contact Us Form, scroll triggered box, ‘Welcome Mat’ popup CTA, etc.) that help you to increase the performance of your site easily. This conversion rate optimization tool easily gets integrated with almost all major email management software providers and provides integrated Google Analytics in your SumoMe dashboard.

9. SimilarWeb

Source: Similarweb


●      Basic version: $199 per month

●      Advanced- $499 per month

●      Ultimate- $799 per month

SimilarWeb is actually is an online competitive intelligence tool that enables you to get a detailed knowledge about your site’s traffic. With this tool, you can easily keep an eye on the traffic sources on your website and can take steps accordingly. This conversion rate optimization tool helps you to find out the areas on your website wherein you need to invest more bucks and pay attention to increase your sales.

10. CrazyEgg

Source: Crazyegg


●      Basic: $9 per month,

●      Standard: $19 per month,

●      Plus: $49 per month

●      Pro: $99 per month

Crazy Egg is actually a compact little script that tracks user’s activities on your site and make you aware of it. It helps you to know where your visitors came from, what they searched on your site, how many contents they read, etc.

With the help of this tool, you can optimize the user interface beautifully to help your website perform better. This main objective of this product is to lower the bounce rates of your site and increase conversions rapidly. Using this conversion rate optimization tool’s output, you can initiate a smart sales campaign on your site to improve the click through rate within a few days or weeks.

Final Words:

Glad to know that you have learned finally on how to increase your site traffic by utilizing above conversion rate optimization tools. Start using these tools and boost your website traffic. Get more leads and earn more profits.

Other tools you can try out to increase site traffic is by using Semrush & Yoast SEO.

Hope you enjoyed reading above article.

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