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Semrush Review – Best SEO tool You Should Have A Try


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Review of: Semrush

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Last modified:November 26, 2016


One of the best SEO tool you will love using it. Only concern is this is a paid tool and not a free one.

Semrush is a great tool for online marketers and SEO analysts. There are thousands of successful businesses who are using semrush for their online marketing strategies so semrush review is done via this post to showcase this best seo tool to the world. You can pull down all your competitors keywords with this awesome tool. Sound’s great right?. Let’s learn more about this tool here.

Semrush Review – Why Semrush is a best SEO tool?

Using this semrush review post, we can analyse why semrush is a best seo tool and why you should have a try. Let us see their features one by one to understand the tool in a better manner.

Keyword Research:

This feature is very much needed for all the online marketers globally. You must research to find out the best & top ranking keyword of your competitors and after that you can start writing blog post on that keyword which will bring good amount of traffic to your blog post via search engines.We tried using this semrush and the result is awesome.

Finding the right keyword is also very much required in your SEO & PPC campaigns which can be done using this tool. Also finding the less competitive keywords can be done using this tool so that you can easily rank for your keywords.

Site Audit:

You can check your own website health using this great seo tool.  In the site audit report, you can see what are all the seo issues your website has and some tips will be provided on how to fix it. After fixing seo issues using the guidance provided, you can able to see boost in your site traffic for sure.

Advertising Research:

Advertising plays an important role to increase traffic to your website. But you will be not sure what kind of ads you can put in to attract visitors. Solution for that is this semrush feature which will help you to pull down all your competitors ad strategies and ad contents which is being used by them to market their products successfully. Just grab it and implement the same to skyrocket your website traffic and sales.

SEO Ideas:

You need to find out what are all the ranking factors that affects your site being ranked in top search page results. This tool is a great guide that highlights the missing seo strategies in your site pages and provide recommendation on how fast you can fix it.

Social Media:

You can keep track of all your social media campaigns with this fantastic tool. You can research your competitors data and tweak your campaigns accordingly to get great results.

Organic Research:

You can pull the complete list of best ranking keywords of all your competitors. With those keywords, you can build your website for those profitable keywords and make huge sales out of it.

Position Tracking:

You need to find which keywords you are ranking for and what is the position etc. to improve your ranking positions. Track any keywords or any domain with this feature. Top 5 pages in search engine results will get huge amount of traffic. So we must work towards improving the position with the help of this tool.


I would like to recommend Semrush as the best & must have seo tool for your online marketing needs.Give a try and i am 100% sure that you really love using it and boost up your site traffic & income. Believe this semrush review will help you to take a good decision in choosing this tool for your seo needs.

Hope you enjoyed this semrush review post. Feel free to leave your suggestions or comments.

One of the best SEO tool you will love using it. Only concern is this is a paid tool and not a free one.

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