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Last modified:December 17, 2016


Fantastic plugin for everyone to try. It's a free plugin which helps you to implement seo strategies for your blog posts easily without any technical difficulty.

Are you interested to increase site traffic by implementing proper seo technique?. If yes, you have come to the right place to know about the amazing seo yoast plugin in the market. Let us see in detail about the plugin.

How To Use SEO Yoast Plugin:

As we all know, writing an search engine optimized post is required to get good organic traffic for the post. Also your site visibility has to be improved so that your site pages will appear in the search engine search page results. Let us see how we can do it using this whitehat seo technique.

Step 1:

You can use this link to download the YoastSEO plugin in your computer or you can search for the same under plugin tab in your wordpress dashboard.

Step 2:

First install the plugin, then you need to activate it by clicking the ‘Activate’ button.

Step 3:

Go to Posts tab in wordpress dashboard on the left hand side. For example, if you are trying to create a new post, then click ‘Add New’ option. You will get a window to create a new post along with Yoast SEO option under the ‘Add New Post’ window.seo yoast plugin

For the already created posts as well you can check whether all seo requirements got completed or not by going to ‘Edit Post’ option for any post.

Step 4:

This plugin helps us to complete all mandatory seo requirements which will help us to increase site traffic & visibility. It will ask us to write a minimum of 300 words content for any post. it will also show how many words we have written for the post. So that we can write the minimum required words for the post without a miss.

Step 5:

SEO Yoast plugin will ask us to write the focus keyword. Once we enter the focus keyword, then we need to use the same focus keyword on image alt attribute,title of post,first paragraph of post,meta description of post,subheadings of post and finally in conclusion of post. Plugin shows how many times we used that keyword & in what are all the places, keyword is used or yet to be used.

Step 6:

Follow each and every instruction and get it fixed. When you come across Green color indicator which means you met that condition. If you see Red color indicates that you need to check that parameter & mandatory to fix that important parameter(Red color) . When Orange color indicator appears, it’s not mandatory but still recommended to fix it.seo yoast plugin

Step 7:

Ensure you have all Green color before you publish the post. All green means you have met or completed all seo requirements for that particular post.seo yoast plugin

Step 8:

You can also create your XML sitemap file and edit your robots.txt using YoastSEO plugin.seo yoast plugin



We recommend using SEO Yoast plugin as this plugin is really very much helpful for each & every blog post to make seo friendly.

By optimizing your post content for search engine, will increase site traffic and visibility in search engine result pages.

Hope you have started using this SEO Yoast plugin. If you find any difficulty while implementing SEO techniques using SEO Yoast plugin please let me know via comment section.

See you in another post.


Fantastic plugin for everyone to try. It's a free plugin which helps you to implement seo strategies for your blog posts easily without any technical difficulty.

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