How To Find WordPress Login Page For Your Blog

wordpress login

Are you interested to discover your wordpress login page url?. As a newbie to wordpress, the first question should come in your mind is to find out the wordpress login page in order to reach the admin dashboard to build the site. Let us see how you can get it done quickly.

Tips To Find WordPress Login Page:

As soon as you bought a new domain name and a hosting account, you need to do perform wordpress installation to setup your wordpress blog. Hope you completed till this step. Incase if you don’t have idea on how to setup your blog, you can read this guide here.

Now the question comes everything is ready but how i can login to wordpress. Let us see how to find out your wordpress login page and log in to your website dashboard or website admin area.

Step 1 :

Pick your domain name which you have bought from the domain seller. For example, is the domain name you have bought it and got setup your blog on your hosting account.

Step 2:

Along with your domain name, just add this word at the end of the domain name.

/admin‘      or       ‘/wp-admin


For example,




Both the above url’s are valid.

Note: – Replace this with your own domain name.

Step 3:

Paste anyone of this url’s replaced by your domain name in the address bar of IE or chrome or firefox browser.




Step 4:

After pasting the url in the browser, press enter key. It will get redirected to the wordpress login page of your domain. Similar to the below screenshot, your login page will look like.

wordpress login

Step 5:

Enter your username and password in the wordpress login page. After that,  you will get logged in to the admin area of your wordpress blog. Now you can start post articles and build your blog.

Incase if you forgot your password, you can get it reset by clicking the hyperlink on the wordpress login page.


Finally you have learned on how to find wordpress login page of your blog and get logged in successfully to the admin area or dashboard page of your blog where you can write articles, change themes, add widgets,change font size, colors, setup featured image, add plugins etc.

If you not yet got your blog setup yet, try it here with simple easy steps.

Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions or questions if any.

Happy Blogging Via WordPress.


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