SEO Blogger Tricks To Get More Website Visitors

SEO blogger tricks

Rank your site higher in search engines by following best SEO blogger tricks highlighted via this post and get more traffic in return.

There should be audience to read the articles you are publishing via your blog else it won’t bring benefit to you.

 SEO Blogger Tricks Below:

Remember if you get more traffic to your site then you can make more money online. If you go through below infographic from searchmetrics you will get some idea about ranking factors that plays a vital role.

SEO blogger tricks

Let us see what are all the must follow whitehat seo blogger tricks one by one further.Following the same will get good traffic to a blog post.

First SEO Blogger Tricks – Title Must Have Keyword

Ensure your blog post title has the keyword. If the keyword is placed at the beginning of the title, it would be great. Always write blog posts after choosing the keyword relevant to your niche.

First Paragraph Of Post Must Have Keyword

Next thing you need to focus is having keyword at the first paragraph of the blog post. If possible having the keyword in the first line of the first paragraph will yield good result.

Meta Description Must Have Keyword

Ensure meta description of the post has the keyword. Meta description will be visible in search engines so you need to be careful about this pointer as well.

Focus Keyword Must Be There in Url

Configure permalinks of your site in such a way that post title will be there in the url rather than page numbers or something else. Once its done whatever title you are giving for the article that will be appear in te posted article url. Just ensure the blog post focus keyword is available in the particular post url.

Last Paragraph Of Post Must Have Keyword

Final thing you need to focus is having keyword at the last paragraph of the blog post. If possible having the keyword in the last line of the last paragraph will yield good result.

Keyword In Alt Text For Images

Don’t forgot to use keyword in alt text for images. This is also one of the important seo parameter.

Keyword In Header Tags

H1 is the blog post main title. That must be having the keyword as we saw earlier. Sub headings H2 or H3 or H4 if available in the post, ensure keyword is specified in those sub headings as well.

Final Words

These are all some of the important seo blogger tricks which you should not miss at any cost. Also there is an excellent plugin that helps in seo available free for download. Just get it installed and follow the suggestions for on page seo to see the results.

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