On page and Off page SEO Techniques To Rank High

SEO Techniques

There are hundreds of websites in the world. But if you want your blog post or blog to get visibility then ensure you must implement proper on page and off page seo techniques to get that done. Search engine optimization is nothing but enhancing the visibility in search engine result pages(SERP’s). It has to be done both on page as well as off page.

On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques You Should Try:

Whatever SEO technique you implement on the webpage can be called as ‘On page SEO’ like choosing the keyword,Title tags,Image Tags,keyword density etc. SEO techniques you implement at the backend of the page can be called as ‘Off page SEO’ like creating inbound links,getting other sites to link to your site etc.

Below infographic from midasmedia gives a clear picture about On page and Off page techniques.

seo techniques

Let us see these amazing techniques one by one which increases the visibility in SERP’s and implement the same in your blog posts to reap the benefit.

On Page SEO Techniques:

Title Tags

Ensure you use title tag which is the title of the webpage. If you keep the title unique and attractive that really helps user to reach your post by seeing the title in search engine results.


Before start writing a post, pen down the keyword which is in high demand but less available in the internet. Focus on LSI keywords as well. LSI keywords stands for Semantic keywords.These keywords are closely related to the main keywords similar to synonyms. Never ever use too much of keywords that will make google penalize your site.

Meta Description

Meta Description will be visible for users who are viewing the results in search engines. So description must be catchy and pulls user to read the content in detail.

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Off Page SEO Techniques:

Inbound Links

Always relate similar page by placing a link. For example this page is about SEO and assume there is also another post related to SEO. So i have to place a link from the other SEO related post to this post.

Link Building

You can submit guest posts in other blogs or place comments under other blog pots and place a link back to your blog page where you have related detailed content. So that users will get benefitted by reading similar detailed information on your blog and you will also get traffic.


Hope you understood On page and Off page SEO techniques via this blog post. What techniques you are following?. Encourage you to share all your views via comment section.You can also use fantastic YoastSEO plugin & Semrush tool for your SEO needs. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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