Buy Sell Websites Online To Earn Money Out Of It

buy sell websites online

We can make money online by using website broker sites that helps us to buy sell websites online. Are you interested to get cash in hand by selling unused websites that you own?

Are you interested to buy an existing successful running business website online? We have an answer to your question in the below post.

How To Buy Sell Websites Online :

You might have come across many websites that deal with buying and selling of websites online. But still Flippa is the leader in this industry satisfying thousands of customers on daily basis to buy sell websites online.


Flippa website has the option for buyers to register as an buyer and to seller to register seperately.

Once they login to the dashboard by using the credentials, they will find detailed information on how to get buying or selling completed in a secured manner.

Please be informed is one of the famous website to buy sell websites online. Other than that buying and selling of domain names,apps etc is possible as of now.

You need to provide your bank details, paypal email address etc  while doing registration to make you eligible to deal with buying and selling of websites in flippa dashboard page.

Paypal,Escrow is the payment processor integrated usually with the website broker sites (Flippa for example) when buy sell websites online in their dashboard.

But i personally suggest you to always go with Escrow payment method which is more safe and secure than paypal payment method especially when dealing with financial transactions to a stranger online.

Buy Websites:

  • Multiple websites which is available for sale will get published in the site almost every day.
  • You may search for the website based upon keyword and domain age for better ranking and seo purpose.
  • At the end of the day if there is no traffic for the website then we cannot think of making money from it. More Website Visitors = More Income
  • For each website which is available for sale has details like traffic,revenue,page views, total worth of the site,BIN(buy It Now) website price etc.
  • If we are going to place a highest bid when comparing with other buyer then we will become highest bidder and able to win the auction if the sale ends within minutes time post we place the bid.
  • Till the scheduled time when auction gets closed as set by the seller, auction continues.
  • Using BIN option you can buy the site and close the auction for the particular website and you will be declared as winner of that auction or new owner of the site.
  • It is advisable to verify all the details provided by the seller. Better always try to ask for a video proof of the income and the website traffic before buying the website.
  • Once payment is done to the seller, it is not possible to return back the website if we find any fault and get our money back. So do the homework first,think twice before you make the payment.

Sell Websites:

  • If we dont have time to run websites on our own then selling the website is the best way to make one time money out of it rather than keeping it idle with us.
  • New owner can able to spend money,time etc to take the site to another level.
  • While listing the website to sell online, it is better to include all the details like last 3 months income, traffic, pageviews,subscribers etc so that buyers who feel really interested towards the information shared regarding the website will bid for it till the bidding end time or buy it with BIN option instantly.
  • Seller will get a good profit if the buyer buys the website with BIN option.
  • Let’s not tell lies. Whatever income website has, lets specify the samething. Cheating online can be easily tracked and let us to undergo punishment for the same if we do so.


These are all some of the useful information which we should keep in mind when planning to buy sell websites online.

Doing so, will be beneficial to both buyers and sellers. Always try to use escrow as payment method which is the safest among all payment methods.

There are brokers who only deal with buying and selling of websites online and make huge profits out of it.

Fact is whichever way we are planning to make money online, first of all we have to learn the tricks of that trade and slowly and steadily go in depth and then finally we will be in a position to make a living out of online income without any other 9 to 5 day job.

Leave your comments or thoughts in the comment section.

Have you ever tried to buy sell websites online?. If yes feel free to share your experiences as well for others to get benefited.

Will meet you in the next post.

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