Interesting Guide About Managed VPS Cpanel Host You Feel Happy To Try As A Website Owner

Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is a hosting solution that lets you host your website from a virtualized server. Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting comes with complete monitoring of hardware,overall security features etc. Not only does it operate on a bigger server but it also comes with its own operating system and server resources.

This web hosting account is backed by all the benefits of shared hosting, has a huge set of dedicated resources, operates in an isolated environment and gives you server root access.

The unique aspect of this system is the fact that it puts you in a shared environment, but is operated on a dedicated server.

This means you’ll have complete control over your access points and dedicated resources, but won’t be required to share the sensitive resources (like RAM) with others using the same server.

Managed VPS cPanel is definitely one of the best web hosting options if you’re looking to avail the benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting.

What is Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting?

The process of hosting your website is complex and time-consuming. It requires you to be up-to date with the technical nitty gritties and manage your server from time to time.

In most cases, the end result is extremely expensive because you need to allot an entire team for checking the hardware updates, monitoring the overall security and keeping your site online. This is exactly where Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting comes to play.

This service lets you take complete control of your VPS hosting, with full access to your root directories, but it also gives you the support of experienced tech professionals who keep your VPS servers running, all way round.

Instead of holding your host fully responsible for operating your server (like shared hosting) or taking the full control yourself (as with the dedicated server), Managed VPS cPanel takes a part of your responsibility while also letting you enjoy full access on your server.

How does Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting work?

In VPS hosting, every individual website is hosted on a VPS server which is further backed by a powerful hardware. Here, the physical machine is categorized in many virtual compartments and the server software is installed on them individually. This makes every unit capable of operating on their own.

In this way, even if your website is hosted on the same server with additional websites, yours will be hosted on a virtual compartment that comes backed with autonomous server resources (like disk space, control panel, RAM, CPU and so on). This means, you’ll pay for the exact number of server resources that you’re using right now.

To put it more simply, your website will reside in an isolated room of a big house and it’ll be provided with all its necessary resources. Like I already mentioned, you will enjoy complete root access to your servers (like a dedicated solution). But technically you’ll still be on the same physical machine while sharing the disk space, RAM, bandwidth and the CPU.

Managed Virtual server hosting gives you full autonomy over your server with almost the exactly same benefits of an expensive dedicated server. In this way, you’ll get a virtual dedicated server at an extremely affordable rate. In addition to this, you will also get the chance of securing greater performance for your website.

What is the difference between Shared Hosting and Managed VPS CPanel Hosting?

Shared hosting gives you limited administrative access where you cannot tweak or personalize the software configurations. However, with managed VPS Cpanel hosting you’ll have all the benefits of dedicated hosting with the additional ability of setting your own services and customizing your site’s disk space.

Unlike shared hosting, it’ll let you perform any action from your control panel. In addition this, you’ll also have the benefit of not having to consult the technical support team for every new request.

What is the difference between Dedicated Hosting and Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting that is specifically customized for a particular website. It gives the client (of a specific website) the much needed coverage which helps them to run their site in a smooth and glitch free way.

Most web hosting companies offer this hosting service for rent. Managed VPS Cpanel hosting is almost similar to dedicated hosting in terms of customization, coverage and control but unlike the dedicated servers, it does not require any ownership.

It acts as an in-between’ solution which is inexpensive, affordable and gives you all the features you’re looking for. With this server you’ll get root level access and complete control over the every aspect of your website, but because you’re still sharing the hardware you won’t have to be concerned about physically maintaining the server or protecting its security.

What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting?

In VPS Hosting, one dedicated server will be compartmentalized in several multiple servers. These servers are then virtualized to work as a dedicated server. In Cloud Hosting, however, one part of a huge network of machines is required to be connected together. This is then rented to the clients. When it comes to difference, Cloud and VPS hosting do not have an either/or option.

If you are using VPS you will be required to host your server in a virtual environment which automatically integrates it with cloud.

Once you do this, you will be able to convert one of your physical servers, to several virtual machines, all of which will operate like a different physical device that runs both your web apps and your IT resources in an efficient, quick and flexible way.

What are the benefits of using Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting?

Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting comes with several benefits. Some of them are listed below.

a). Excellent security

The key area of managed VPS Cpanel hosting is security, and once you choose this option, you’ll get the primary benefit of operating on a secure, well-protected server.

When you subscribe to a managed VPS hosting plan, your operating system will be automatically optimized for eliminating the security threats.

This is done by turning off the irrelevant services and disabling the unessential OS functions. Managed Hosting often comes with initial hardening of your server where your hosting company configures it to be solid and impenetrable.

b). Continuous server monitoring

In addition to this, certain managed VPS hosting plans come with an additional benefit of server monitoring. This means, you’ll have the chance of stopping a security threat as soon as you identify it. The risk can be easily eliminated even before it impacts your server.

This proactive server control gives you the complete peace of mind about being updated of threats/risks as soon as possible.

c). Protects your data

Usually, when the standard security perimeter of your server fails, an attacker automatically gets the chance of accessing and misappropriating your data. Data loss and/or corruption leads to a significant financial impact.

On top of that, it also damages your company reputation. And this is exactly where managed VPS Cpanel hosting comes to play.

One of the biggest benefits of this option is regular data back. This means your sensitive, critical data is backed up on a daily and weekly basis, after which it is stored on a new, secure device. With these timely backups, you’ll get the chance of restoring the accessed or altered information right away.

d). Maintains excellent performance of your server

Another major benefit of managed servers is the fact that they maintain high performance of your virtual server by updating the software from time to time. Every leading developer aims to make their system way better than their competitors.

They use stringent security and powerful features to meet this goal. But very often, everything does not go right way, particularly with a single build.

e). Frequent software update

Software powers your entire web presence and you cannot afford to compromise in terms of its performance. Due to this reason, it is extremely important to get your software updated from time to time which again is ensured by a managed VPS server.

This server ensures that your apps are always updated to their latest, most stable and well-featured version. When you choose managed VPS Cpanel hosting, the patches and updates are handled by your host. So you longer have to face the hassle of maintaining and managing them from time to time.

f). Pocket friendly and convenient

Whether it is updating your software, securing the server or manually backing up the entire set of data- the entire process is complex and time consuming. And this is exactly why you need managed VPS hosting. This service will perform all the required tasks thereby helping you to optimize your time, regularly.

In addition to this, many hosting providers also offer hourly rates for managing the servers. This means, you can host your website on a well-protected and highly managed server and that too at an affordable help.

g) 24*7 support

The service providers also provide consistent 24X7 Support, which you can always avail throughout the day. So if you need help with a particular configuration or are looking to fix a specific issue, you’ll no longer have to consult an external service provider. The team of dedicated experts will help you to resolve your issue right away.

h). Experts instant help

Most webmasters find it extremely inconvenient to understand the mechanism of their VPS server’s operation right after subscribing to it. A regular plan requires you to understand the basics of server management.

But a managed VPS Cpanel Hosting will completely eliminate this long process of self training. There are experts to handle your requirements, they will get your job done while also giving you full access to the servers. The cost incurred is relatively less when compared to a regular VPS server.

i). Save Time

With a managed VPS server you will get the chance to concentrate on the front-end of your virtual server. This means, you will have more time to manage the content, apps and web design, all of which will collectively contribute to an excellent user experience.

Since you’ll be more committed to establishing a great web presence (instead of handling your server) you’ll automatically generate excellent return on investment both in terms of costs and time.

j). Cloud Based – Free incoming bandwidth, High SSD speed and Free Storm firewall

Most of the managed VPS servers come preloaded with the CPanel. This helps you in rolling out your website right away.

While the service is reliable and guaranteed, the support too is unparalleled. Most of these servers are powered by a cloud infrastructure and come with free incoming bandwidth, instant provisions, high SSD speed and free Storm firewall for added protection.

k). Free subdomains

The servers also come with unlimited domains, free subdomains, email accounts and database for MySQL account.

Other features include the latest WHM based control panel with multiple languages, reseller management and complete control over all the server settings, accounts and services.

l). Guaranteed Uptime

Most providers also offer high uptime guarantee which further ensures that your site is easy to use and highly navigable.

In addition to this, admins get access to the web based file managers and IP deny managers. They are also covered for hotlink protection and redirect URL.

m). Simple installation and reinstallation

When you launch your VPS server for the first time, the process tends to be delicate and time consuming. This is all the more relevant if you decide to change the operation system under which your server will operate.

Getting a new OS installed is an extremely difficult process, particularly, if you are trying to achieve it remotely. Managed VPS Cpanel hosting will handle this issue right away.

Most of the managed VPS hosting plans come with free OS installation and reinstallation from experienced professionals who have a clear understanding of the installation settings on your server.

Top 20 Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting Service Providers:

Based upon various reviews by the end users below list has been prepared. Hope you will get benefited by choosing the best managed VPS Cpanel hosting provider as per your requirement.

1. InMotion Hosting (Basic VPS plan starts at just $29.99 per month)

When it comes to managed VPS Cpanel hosting providers, InMotion hosting is one of the best options in the market. This managed VPS cpanel is backed by a solid VPS hardware, excellent management software, free SSL certificate and SSD drives that ensure consistent, fast and well-protected hosting.

In addition to this, it offers free server management for your updates and patches, free cPanel licenses with business grade CentOS and effective redundancy under a cloud based infrastructure. InMotion also comes with an array of additional features that simplifies your web hosting requirements all way round.

Once you register for the program, you will get a 50% discount for the first month along with additional discounts throughout the year.

2. LiquidWeb  (Basic VPS plan starts at just $59 per month)

Backed by the best-in class technology and an extremely reliable server (with great uptime and technical support) Liquid web is one of the leading managed VPS Cpanel hosting provider in the market.

The servers include 5TB outgoing bandwidth with free incoming bandwidth, instant provisions, high SSD speed, free Storm firewall for added protection, and an excellent option for monitoring your servers in real-time’.

Liquid Web Storm VPS

In addition to this, the provider is backed by cPanel, offers complete API access and requires you to only pay for those resources (with its daily billing) that you actually’ use. The service, albeit expensive is one of the best VPS hosting solutions in the market.

3. BlueHost (Basic VPS plan starts at just $19.99 per month)

If you’re looking for a value for money, managed VPS Cpanel hosting backed by excellent features- Bluehost is one of the best options from the lot. Being endorsed by a WordPress team it brings great value to the table.

The server lets you access the 4-16 GB RAM and enjoy the fully redundant storage backed by site lock security. In addition to this, it also lets you seamlessly migrate from its shared plans.

Once you register for the plans, you get a 50% discount for your first month along with additional discounts throughout the year. The server will offer you premium support and excellent uptime, all way round.

4. iPage (Basic VPS plan starts at just $19.99 per month)

iPage is an affordable hosting solution with excellent uptime and cPanel support. It is a great option for those individuals who require managed VPS Cpanel hosting but do not have the necessary time or expertise in setting up a self managed system.

The server lets you instantly grow, scale and deploy according to increasing demands and gives you complete access to its pre-installed CGI, Rails, Curls (and more) scripts.

The high speed mirrored san storage will further simplify your hosting requirements. Once you sign up for the plan, you get a 20% discount for the first month along with additional discounts throughout the year.

5. HostGator (Basic VPS plan starts at just $19.95 per month)

HostGator is an extremely reliable web hosting solution that is easy to operate and is backed by some incredible features. It comes with some of the best shared and dedicated web hosting plans for both big and small businesses.

HostGator Web Hosting

In terms of features, it has an array of full or semi-managed options, gives you complete access to the root directories, lets you make a free, functional website with MySQL and script transfer and operates as a redundant network with several layers of network security.

The provider also gives you a 30% discount for the first month, if you use the code HA30OFF.

You may also read more about Hostgator here.

6. FatCow (Basic VPS plan just starts at $19.99 per month)

If you’re looking for a customer friendly managed VPS Cpanel with excellent features and a great price- FatCow is definitely one of the best options out there.

The server is fully managed, monitors site loads and comes with cpanel whm that makes your site easier to operate. It lets you scale and deploy instantly and gives you an access to the guaranteed RAM and resources.

The monthly costs too are predictable with no additional fees. FatCow is widely lauded among customers and critics and is best known for its excellent features, high performance and money back guarantee. Use this software for its extensive disk space and simple web hosting options.

7. JustHost (Basic VPS plan just starts at $19.99 per month)

JustHost is a high-tier web hosting solution that comes with great uptime and excellent processing power. Their interface is simple, easily navigable and their live and telephonic customer support system is equally viable.

The server offers excellent scalability with their cloud technology, and enhanced virtualization with their guaranteed server resources.

The provisioning too is quick and consistent. JustHost is additionally backed with an array of great features, an enhanced cPanel control panel, and a free domain which makes it a great pick for first time users.

The storage and bandwidth too is decent for the price. Once you sign up for their plan, you get a free first-month discount along with additional discounts throughout the year.

8. Hostiso (Basic VPS plan starts at just $24.99 per month)

Hostiso is another leading managed VPS Cpanel hosting provider that offers multiple configurations for your hosting needs.

Each of these configurations, are fully managed, powered by cloud and offer 24X7 premium support. Other features include a simple, easily operable cPanel, quick provisioning and consistent uptime.

The provider also offers a web-based control panel that lets you scale your server’s storage allocations and RAM. In addition to this, you can also choose your VPS location between EU, Asia and USA.

Once you sign up for the plan, you’ll get to avail the maximum benefits from the 24X7 customer support, live update and consistent technical support. The server gives you a domain and SSL certificate for free.

9. A2 Hosting (Basic VPS plan starts at just $32 per month)

When it comes to managed VPS Cpanel hosting, A2 hosting is definitely one of the best options out there. It is simple, backed by some of the best features and extremely affordable.

While the entry level option will cost you less than $10 every month, the most advanced option, Cloud VPS comes at a price of $15.

Both the entry level and advanced servers are great in terms of operation and functionality. The provider lets you operate from a dynamic server, offers turbo SSD hosting and also comes with RAID 10 Disk configuration for your VPS hosting. It has a great uptime and an equally excellent technical support.

10. 1&1 (Basic VPS plan starts at just $4.99 per month)

1&1 is an extremely affordable web hosting solution that comes with array of functional, website creation tools, consistent support and a solid uptime. This is indeed an excellent option for WordPress hosting.

One of the unique features of this provider is the fact that it offers both basic and advanced hosting packages that lets you roll out your website more easily.

It is also backed by Linux and Windows based server and does not charge any additional fee for the setup. The dedicated SSL certificate comes free of cost is powered by a stringent encryption.

11. Host1Plus (starts $3.20 per month)

If you’re just starting out with managed VPS Cpanel hosting and are looking to use an entry level managed VPS cPanel with the best features then HostPlus is an excellent option.

The provider comes with an array of entry level plans, some of which are truly ideal for beginners.

Each of these plans, are backed by the necessary configuration, come with redundant storage and RAID, include SSD caching and operate under the OpenVZ technology with your preferred Linux based OS.

The server also gives you full root access along with an additional option of choosing from their global data centers.

12. Hostinger  (starts $9 per month)

Hostinger is a great option for individuals who are looking for reseller hosting in a stable environment at an incredibly high speed.

The plans are affordable, and the personal, dedicated server space gives you complete control over the features. The server is powered by cloud infrastructure and it lets you load your sites with complete SSH root.

The disk capabilities and bandwidth are more than just decent. To put it simply, the server is a great option for rolling out a simple website with advanced features.

Once you sign up for the program, you get a monthly discount along with a 30-day money back guarantee for every single plan.

13. TMD Hosting (starts $19.97 per month)

This hosting provider has been around since 2007, and over the last couple of years it has established itself as one of the leading managed VPS Cpanel hosting service provider in the market.

TMD hosting is best known for its diverse hosting options and affordable plans.

They offer fast and effective VPS solutions backed by a decent amount of bandwidth and disk space. The physical servers are well-protected and located in and around the US, Netherlands and Singapore.

In addition to this, TMD Hosting also offers excellent drives for your VPS hosting, comes with well-managed VPS tech support and backs up your VPS data on a daily and weekly basis.

14. GoDaddy (starts $15 per month)

If you’re looking for a fast, effective and scalable managed VPS Cpanel service provider- GoDaddy can be a great option.

This server is excellent for the rapidly growing web apps, gives you complete root access and guarantees both availability and reliability. It comes with a control cPanel, offers quick provisioning and is also backed by provision free updates.

The servers are not only synced with high-generation Intel processors but they also let you reclaim your lost files with the Filebackup feature.

GoDaddy also simplifies the process of monitoring and patching your site. The pricing is competitive and owing to the excellent features, this VPS server is definitely worth your money.

15. FastComet (starts $59.95 per month)

FastComet is a managed VPS Cpanel hosting provider that offers multiple cloud based configurations that are scalable, reliable and consistent.

The server offers SDD storage that can be completely managed and monitored. In addition to this, it can also be optimized for several frameworks like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and so on.

The VPS plans offer 24X7 support, that manages both your applications and infrastructure. All you need to do is get in touch with the customer support team and the experts will respond in as less as 10 minutes.

The servers offer many free features in terms of module, template and app installation. It also ensures free backups on a daily and weekly basis.

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16. GreenGeeks (Basic VPS plan starts at just $39.95 per month)

If you are looking for a reliable VPS solution that’ll offer unlimited domain, storage space, bandwidth and SQL database- GreenGeeks can be your answer.

The server is powered by cloud technology and it comes with some of the best, free tools for building an advanced, easily navigable website. GreenGeeks gives you full root access and is secured by ddos protection.

The CSF Firewall and Mod Security further ensure that your website is properly encrypted. The VPS includes RAID 10 and SSD configuration and offers regular backup at night. The server also lets you pick from the free sub domains and add-ons.

17. Contabo (starts $ 8.31 per month)

With its advanced hardware configurations and incredibly affordable price, Contabo comes with an excellent price-performance ratio. It gives you 10 cores, 1200 GB disk space, 50 GB RAM and is backed by the advanced Intel XEON CPU. The server is lightning fast and it lets you migrate to new plan easily.

For queries and issues, you can always get in touch with the 24X7 customer support where the professionals will address your requirements right away.

To put it simply, this is one of the best managed VPS Cpanel Hosting provider that rolls out a quick, easily operable website with high uptime. Both the speed and the security are excellent.

18. Host4Geeks (starts $26.95 per month)

If you’re looking for a well managed VPS Cpanel Hosting with rapid provisioning, Host4Geeks is one of the best options out there. The server comes with customized solutions and unlimited SSL certificates that protect your site all way round.

The services include a free DDoS protection that further strengthens your security and ensures that it is properly encrypted.

The networks are monitored throughout the day with Host4Geeks’ Security Operation Center which ensures that every potential attack is blocked even before it impacts you.

In additional to these excellent features, the server also offers managed support with all their plans. So if you’re looking for excellent protection and a wide array of features, this VPS service is definitely worth your money.

19. KnownHost (starts $28 per month)

KnownHost is a leading Managed VPS Cpanel provider that offers consistent uptime, free backups, quick provisioning and well-managed support. It also comes with an additional DDOS protection along with free SSL certificates.

The encryption is rock-solid and the performance is even better. One of the best features of this server is its isolated resources which contribute to its advanced performance.

While the hardware is customized and enterprise-built the software too is excellent in terms of memory, backup and performance.

The server comes with 24X7 technical support, where you can always reach out to the experts with your queries. Owing to these incredible features and excellent performance, this server is definitely one of the best VPS providers.

20. Hudson Valley Host  (starts $30 per month)

Managed VPS Cpanel Hosting from Hudson Valley Host definitely makes the cut in terms of performance and scalability. It comes with a web host manager backed by stringent security from the server’s in-house security management system.

In addition to this, it gives you complete access to the root directories and lets you manage every feature of your server with the simple and easily operable interface.

The VPS plans are also backed by Softaculous which has several hundreds of software installations and scripts from where you can always make your best pick.

The server has isolated VPS nodes which perfectly utilized its RAID-1 technology. Once you sign up for the plan you get a free first-month discount along with several additional discounts throughout the year.

Final note about Managed VPS Cpanel Host:

As of now you became aware of the nitty gritties of Managed VPS Cpanel Host so subscribe to a good plan and host your website conveniently and affordably.

Which managed VPS Cpanel hosting provider you are planning to try with?. Act now to increase your website performance. By doing so, you will get more site visitors and it leads to more profits.

We will provide detailed review of some of the best managed VPS Cpanel hosting providers in the upcoming days.

Feel free to share your thoughts via comment section.

We love to hear from you. 🙂

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