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Best Website Backup Software You Can Try


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Website backup software is very much required to backup all our website contents which we created by spending hours together. All of a sudden server may go down or site contents may get hacked or files may get corrupted. So backup data must be there which would be of great help during trouble. There are several softwares in the market which we can utilize to backup the content.

Some Of The Best Website Backup Software:


Google recommends this cloud based automatic backup software. We can monitor the changes daily. Not only that we have option to restore website from any point. This software got featured on Techcrunch, Mashable, Yahoo etc.  Trial version is available for all packages. Basic ninja package starts with just $5 per month.


There are 1,00,000 sites being backed up using sitevault. This software has many salient features available. Some of them are below.

  • Instant FTP & Mysql manager to transfer files quickly
  • Fast FTP backup
  • Friendly setup wizard

Initially for 30 days trial version is there. Post to that you can upgrade as per the plans you need. Basic plan starts with just $29 as one time fee.

Handy backup:

Handy backup software is also widely used one. Top brands like siemens, motorola, tesco etc. are its clients. For backup of static webpages we can use FTP wherein we use sql database backup for saving dynamic pages. This software too has automatic backup option to google drives or other cloud based platforms.

There are several databases which is being supported including MS SQL, Postgre SQL, My SQL etc. Basic package starts with $39.

We can also use plugins as well to perform this backup.

Ace Backup:

Ace backup software is also one of the award winning software. You can schedule the backup by entering dates in prior. Data can be stored on local storage device or on your remote FTP server.


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