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World Famous Smartphone Operating Systems


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Smartphone operating systems(O.S) most of us are not familiar with. Mobile OS is a software platform on the top of it other programs run. We are using mobile phones manufactured by top notch companies like apple,google,microsoft,samsung etc. Let us go through some of the best operating systems for our mobile phones.

Below Are Some Of The Best Smartphone Operating Systems:

Iphone OS

This OS is developed by Apple company and its one of the best operating system globally. All iphones developed by apple run on this iphone operating system(IOS). Now this IOS is being used in iphone,ipad & ipod devices.

Android OS

This OS is developed by Google. Android is also one of the famous mobile OS. Some of the well known adroid os versions are Gingerbread, Icecream sandwich, Cupcake, Honeycomb etc. Mobile phones manufactured by other companies like samsung, motorola, sony can use this OS in their devices.

Blackberry OS

This OS developed by Research in Motion company and its being used in Blackberry devices. Also this OS is popular with corporate people. Blackberry OS platform offers synchronization with Microsoft exchange, Lotus etc.

Symbian OS

This OS is being used in all nokia mobile phones. As of now microsoft acquired nokia and launching devices with their own OS.

Windows Mobile OS

This is microsoft owned mobile operating system and used for windows mobile phones as well as smart phones.

Bada OS

Samsung company developed this OS. We all know samsung mobile phones are very popular which runs on this operating system and samsung recent mobiles phones runs on android as well.

Web OS

This OS developed by palm company. But later it got acquired by HP. As of now HP is using this Web OS on their devices.

These are all some of the best smartphone operating systems which we are using in our day today life. Hope everyone enjoyed this post. If any queries or suggestions please let me know via comment section.

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