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How to Create And Setup WordPress Blog At Free Of Cost


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Are you interested to Setup wordpress blog for free to make some money online?. If you are looking out for an opportunity to make money online without investment then this post is especially for you.

Getting something free is nice too for those who don’t have any money in hand for investment. Let us step by step on how to create or setup wordpress blog at free of cost.


Steps To Follow To Setup WordPress Blog:

Step 1:

Access wordpress site to create or setu wordpress blog for free.


Step 2:

Sign up for a free account in WordPress which has below features including 3 GB storage space,free themes etc.


Step 3:

Choose the segment your blog will represent.

choose topic


Step 4:

After choosing the segment, you can move to the next page. There you will be expected to choose the format of the page. Please select as per your wish.

wordpress tips

Step 5: 

Then choose one of the theme in the next page from the list of free themes available.

wordpress tips


Step 6:

After selecting theme, then you will be asked to choose a custom domain(paid) or free domain

Free domain name will be format.

Custom domain will look catchy and you will like it. Format will be

Note:   ‘domainname’ can be anything you like to have.


Step 7:

Once you enter the domain name, you have to select the plan.

wordpress tips


Step 8:

Go with the 1st option, that is free plan.

Enter your email id,username and password to get your account created.

wordpress tips

Step 10:

After getting an account, you can login with your credentials and you will be landing in dashboard.

keep creating articles from the dashboard whenever you get time and get those articles posted.

Ensure you post only unique original content. Never ever copy others content. Don’t steal others content else will get caught. Google will blacklist you, if you copy someones article.

Please write unique article to grab readers attention as soon as they started reading. Article should carry readers through the body of the article and get them engaged till the last word.


Step 11:

Wait for some months for the traffic to increase & you can monetize it to earn money later.

You can move to self hosted wordpress blog(paid) anytime which has more features which free blog doesn’t have.



Hope you have learned about how to setup wordpress blog at free of cost via this blog post.

Leave your comments or suggestions via below comment section.

Will meet you in another great post with secret tips on how to make money online.

Wish all of you to become financially more blessed by making money online.

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