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How to Make Money Online by Blogging


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One of the easiest ways to make money online with your blog involves setting up a blog around a specific topic with mid-range priced keywords. You will only have to write about twenty articles that are keyword rich on that topic, optimize it for the search engines and then set up google adsense or an affiliate program.

With this method of blogging you will need to put a lot of emphasis on building links to the web pages according to the keywords you use. People who are conducting searches online will then find your blog and will hopefully click on your ads or buy a product through one of the affiliate links you have displayed.

The benefits to this kind of blogging is that there is not a whole lot of effort and time involved. You will have to go to Google AdSense and get familiar with that and make yourself an account there. You also only need to update the blog by adding new material every other week or so.

Since your blog was set up around something that you love, adding new content should be very easy for you. You only need to find something interesting to write about that concerns the main topic of your blog and then publish it to the blog to make money online.


Common ways used by bloggers to make money online:

#1: Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers can earn money through affiliate marketing. When you sign up with an affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate link. You can use those links to promote your selected affiliate products. if any sales made, you can earn the commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of popular option for bloggers to make money online from internet. There are various affiliate products available for different types of niche market.

You just need to find the products that are related to your blog and promote them through your affiliate link. Whenever there is sale made through the link, you earn the commission.


 #2: Pay-per-click Ads

Bloggers can also generate income from pay-per-click advertisements provided by the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It is simple and easy to apply an account and then integrate a simple code to the blog’s template. The contextual ads that are related to the blog themes will automatically generate and deliver to the blog. Whenever, the visitors click on the ads, bloggers will make money online which may range from a penny to a few dollars per click.


 #3: Product Reviews

Many merchants are looking for bloggers to review their products. A blogger can make money by just providing reviews on these products. You can search for merchants who are looking for bloggers to review their products individually from the internet.

Just register at their portals that link both merchants and reviewers, then looking for merchants that match your blog content. Depending on the blog popularity, you may make money online from $25 to $200 per review for average blogs, to a few thousands per review for famous high traffic blogs.


#4: Memberships

Membership is a way to generate repeated income online. But, it is not practical to charge visitors to view a blog unless the blog is very famous and wanted on the internet. Then, how bloggers generate money from memberships?

Generally, bloggers who earn money by charging membership fee do have a membership website. They use their blog to generate traffic and monetize their visitors before they channel the traffic to their membership website. By integrating a membership website with blogs that work as the gate to a membership site will increase the conversion rate from visitors to members. This will also help bloggers to make money online repeatedly.



If you do decide to take up make money online via blogging, be sure to stick with it. You cannot expect to make money overnight with this method, but with a bit of dedication and a little hard work, you should start to see some money rolling in through people clicking your ads or by making conversions on an affiliate sale.

There are many terrific websites that you could visit to learn more about how to earn money online through blogging. The method above is just one of the more popular routes you could take in order to monetize your blog. You could even join a discussion group for bloggers.

Talking and sharing with other people with blogs is an outstanding way to learn some tricks of the trade that will move you in the right direction and help you to make money online.

Happy blogging !

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