How To Start A Blog (Self Hosted WordPress)?

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Robert is the founder of ShoutTips, shouting tips & tricks via this blog about SEO, Worpress, Blogging, Make money online, Technology etc.

Are you curious to know how to create a self hosted wordpress blog in 10 minutes? Are you interested to have your own website created online for you or for your business?. if yes, you have come to the right place. Here we will teach you everything at free of cost right from the scratch of buying a domain name till you get your website to go live online.

Easy Step By Step Guide To Create A Self Hosted WordPress Blog:

it is very easy to create a self hosted wordpress blog. No need any technical knowledge. Self hosted wordpress blog allows you to have complete control over the blog. You can place ads anywhere in the blog and make money online. Just follow below 5 steps to get your own website created in 10 minutes. Will guide you with exact steps which is short and simple. Sounds Interesting?. Let’s start now.

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Buy a hosting account
  3. Setup your blog
  4. Configure your blog
  5. Start posting articles

Buy a domain name:

  • There are many domain name providers in the market from whom you can buy a domain name like , etc. Read our guide here on how to choose the best domain name.

Buy a hosting account:

Setup your self hosted wordpress blog:

  • Within few mins of buying a hosting account, you will get login credentials for your account via email.
  • Login to your hosting account dashboard using those credentials by visiting corresponding web hosting provider homepage.
  • After you have choosen corresponding domain name and entered admin credentials in the dashboard, under website/marketplace tab, you will find an option to install wordpress. Click on it to get your wordpress blog got setup.
  • Let me assume you have purchased hostgator hosting account. Once you login, you will be in dashboard and click on marketplace -> One click installs -> WordPress to setup your wordpress blog as shown in below screenshots.self hosted wordpress
  • Below are some of the features which we frequently use from the hosting account dashboard.self hosted wordpress
  • Ensure you point your domain name to your hosting account server IP address.
  • You can either go for free themes or paid themes as per the industry your blog is focussing on.

Configure your blog:

  • Enter (replace with your domain name) in the address bar of any browsers.self hosted wordpress
  • Once wordpress login page gets opened up, login with admin credentials which will take you to the wordpress dashboard. Enter your website title, tagline, email id etc. under general settings tab.self hosted wordpress

Start posting articles:

  • In the wordpress dashboard, click post tab. Under that go to ‘add new post’ option to create your article.

self hosted wordpress

Hope this article would be really helpful to you to create self hosted wordpress blog. Leave your comments if you need guidance or support anywhere in the process of creating a self hosted wordpress blog. We are happy to help you anytime. If any queries feel free to contact us.

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Robert is the founder of ShoutTips, shouting tips & tricks via this blog about SEO, Worpress, Blogging, Make money online, Technology etc.

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