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smartphone operating systems Tech Tips

World Famous Smartphone Operating Systems

Smartphone operating systems(O.S) most of us are not familiar with. Mobile OS is a software platform on the top of it other programs run. We are using mobile phones manufactured by top notch companies like apple,google,microsoft,samsung etc. Let us go through some of the best operating systems for our mobile…

googleimages Tech Tips

Googleimages Search Tips To Find Exact Images

Searching an image from the googleimages site needs to be done properly to get faster and perfect results. This guide will help you to understand how to search google images and how to get the exact image which you are looking for. Steps You Can Follow To Search Googleimages: Step…

computer troubleshooting Tech Tips

Computer Troubleshooting Self Help Guide For All

Computer troubleshooting knowledge is required to fix computer issues on our own. Good performance of computer is important for us to work quickly¬†and complete all our tasks within the stipulated time period. So whenever we get time, let us try to do some basic troubleshooting which will help our computer…